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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Speak friend and press Enter

020 - Speak friend and press Enter

Movie Inspiration: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

This is another one where I started with the movie, and set out to find a line that I could parody.  Amusingly enough, I didn’t have to go that far into the film to find it.  The line that appears in the comic is from the beginning narration, about 5 minutes in.

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Time Travel – Every PM’s Dream

019 - Time Travel - Every PMs Dream

Movie Inspiration: Back to the Future

I had the bright idea this past week that it would be fun to give a little background on each comic, my false starts and inspirations, and how it ultimately everything comes together.  With that, let’s go back nearly 30 years to 1985.

And yes, it hurts just to write that.

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Just don’t cross the streams…

018 - Just don't cross the streams

Movie Inspiration: Ghostbusters

Unsubscribe: Impossible

017 - Unsubscribe Impossible

Movie Inspiration: Mission: Impossible