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Intern Logan

024 - Intern Logan

Movie Inspiration: X-Men

Poor Logan.  I get the feeling that he won’t last long at this job, despite his genteel nature.  Ahem.

I originally conceived of Logan working for a document shredding company, showing up to destroy boxes of sensitive documents right on-site.  Then I remembered the series of ads with the byline of “Life’s too short for the wrong job“, where they had supposed pictures of the insides of various vending and service machines, showing how they “really” work.  The document shredding companies typically have the shredding apparatus mounted inside a truck, so I thought it would be even funnier to have Logan be the apparatus in the truck.  Boxes come in a chute and Logan goes to work.  That idea morphed into the above because I thought it would be a simpler way to convey the same joke.

This week, two visual pieces gave me the most trouble.  The first was the pile of shredded paper.  CJ and I went through three different iterations of placement and pile depth.  I originally just drew the pile, but CJ suggested scattering some of the paper on the floor to make it look more like a mess, which makes it look more like what a real “shredding room” would.

The really difficult piece this time was Logan’s hair.  Four separate attempts and a couple of hours of sculpting later…

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Good thing he knows kung fu

023 - Good thing he knows kung fu

Movie Inspiration: The Matrix

Ah, the Matrix.  Prior to 1999, no one could tell you what the Matrix was, or how unbelievably cool it would be.  I remember seeing it in the theater and being totally blown away.

“Good thing he knows kung fu” is actually the second Matrix parody I’ve done (the first being Welcome to the Real World), but it’s such a rich movie it won’t be the last.  The parody here is from the rooftop fight sequence where Neo is dodging bullets.  In today’s comic, it’s something nearly as lethal – paper cuts.

As with several previous panels, the smallest things tend to take the most time.  This week, it was the paper.

I threw everything else together in less than an hour, but spent two just getting the look of the paper to where it is.  I happened across a feature in Expression Design a while back called the “envelope distort” which allows me to place a grid on top of the object, and then mash and warp specific points of it.  Design does all the math to figure out the resulting shape.  That made it easier for me to make the paper look like it was curling and crinkling as it came flying out at Anderson, but I’m still not 100% happy with it.  CJ was even less so, but we reached that magical point of “ok, we’ve got to move on with our lives; it’s good enough; publish it!”

The paper aside, I think it turned out well.

Service with a Smile

022 - Service with a Smile

Movie Inspiration: Batman

The core of this week’s parody was actually one of the original Parodied Lines that I did for my technical blog.  I, too, like the way it rolls of the tongue – it just took me a while to find the right visual for it.  I love the thought of Joker doing technical support (CJ’s idea, actually).  He’s highly intelligent, and this provides him another way to mess with the citizens of fair Gotham.

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Happy Mother’s Day, 2011

021 - Happy Mothers Day 2011

Movie Inspiration: Forrest Gump

Let me start by saying that you all have CJ to thank for this week’s “Try Catch Finally”.  We had decided a couple of weeks ago that I should do something for Mother’s Day, and I spent a couple of hours last week looking for something I could parody in that vein.  I started out by looking at movies that had strong mother figures, but didn’t really find anything that jumped out.

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