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Network Reloaded

033 - Network Reloaded

Movie Inspiration: The Matrix Reloaded

Sometimes you just gotta do the insane to get the job done.  And Trinity and Morpheus can certainly bring the insane.

Three out of the last four Try Catch Finally comics have involved mobile devices (today’s, as well as Can you hear me now? and Fire beacons are SO last age).  I certainly didn’t plan to go through a “mobile” phase.  I don’t even own an iPhone, Android, or anything else in that class.

When I was brainstorming amusing wifi names, I did a quick search online.  I’ve seen amusing network names in the past like “BuyAnotherCupYouCheapskate”, “SkyNet”, and “UseThisOneMom”, but most of the ones I turned up weren’t appropriate.  Huh, go figure?  There’s smut on the internets.  My original thought for the name of the public wifi was something like “Information Superhighway”, which would have had some punny charm to it, but it was a bit unwieldy.  I settled on “HighwayOfDoooom” because, well, most things sound funnier when you add “OfDoooom” to the end.  The trick is you have to stretch out the “Doooom” for maximum comedic effect.

Go ahead, you know you want to try it.  Here’s a few to get you started:

Corn Flakes
Legal Pad

When I started today’s comic, I had a good idea for what the screen would look like, but not what should be in the background.  CJ suggested putting Morpheus there.  That was a good idea, but it took us another hour to actually fit him in.  I think he turned out great, especially his trench coat.  The collar turned out to be the most interesting piece.  CJ kept telling me to “just draw a line from the center, going off to the right”.  I couldn’t figure out why until I did it.  His collar has a piece of material that folds across the front, and attaches to his left, to keep it in place.  As soon as I drew it, it all clicked.



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