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Raiders of the Last Spot

037 - Raiders of the Last Spot

Movie Inspiration: Raiders of the Lost Ark

No, I’m not getting the band back together.  At least not quite yet.  CJ and I were joking around the other day, and this comic wrote itself.  I decided it would be a shame to not put this one out.

We were reminiscing about our college days, when parking spots were difficult to find at times.  Sometimes, I think we’d be happy to take the Staff of Ra into the map room, if only to find the one spot that was still available on THIS side of campus.  I remember, somewhat less than fondly, of pulling into a parking lot, only to see multiple “sharkers” at each end of every aisles, waiting for some unsuspecting pedestrian to climb into their vehicle and start to pull out.  That’s when the feeding frenzy would start.  More than once I entertained the idea of making a few laps through the parking lot on foot, just to drive the sharkers nuts – “Is he lost?!?  Which car is his?  He’s coming this way, hopefully I’m close enough!!!”

Indy’s outfit turned out to be easier than I thought.  Even his cloak’s hood wasn’t too bad – start with a rectangle, and warp it until it looks like it’s sitting on his head, and draped down over his shoulders.  The parking lot was a little tedious, but straightforward.  What really got me was the glow on the floor.  Trying to this to resemble the scene from the movie took me a solid hour.  I can’t remember how many layers of translucent shapes ended up in there.  A lot.